By Women, For Women

Mariel Sifuentes, VenPe.
Rubi Lovaton, VenPe.
Renzo Reyes, Business Initiative Unit Chief, StartUPC.

“Something that we personally loved for the GGJ was the focus on innovation with a social background. We hope more projects include it and it’s something we hope to develop in the future,” added Solano.

The mix between economic sustainability and social innovation is something that guarantees that VenPe can dream with solving such a complex problem while at the same time keeping their feet on the ground. In StartUPC, they’re working with other teams that are not looking for social ideals like they are, but possess business abilities that they hope to learn from.

VenPe during their first idea validation session. They’re working with 6 other teams, including the other winners of the GGJ Peru, team Diana.



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