How to use fog to give water to Lima’s defenders of nature

From planning to action

“Water plays an important role. If we lose the fog oases, then we would also lose the condensation of the mist and we would be at the mercy of the consequences of climate change”, warns Ascensio Vásquez, president of the Lomas de Primavera Ecological Association.

El trabajo de Ascencio Vásquez al proteger las lomas en Lima ha sido homenajeado por el Congreso de la República que lo reconoce como defensor ambiental.

Right to the fog

Although 13,500 hectares of the fog oases are already protected as a Regional Conservation Area by the Municipality of Lima, the success of pilots like this one also lies in the empowerment of the communities and their inclusion in decision-making to conserve this ecosystem. “They already know that they cannot touch the fog oases today, it is forbidden and they cannot invade that part. I feel a bit liberated by that,” says Sotomayor, who for defending these spaces, along with Vásquez, has received death threats from land trafficker mafias.

The water of the future

Bringing water to almost nine million inhabitants is the challenge of Lima, a constantly growing capital that is among the 20 cities with the highest risk of water stress in the world. As climate change gets more severe, experiences like this one open new opportunities for adaptation, facing a scenario where half the population could be left without water.



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